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League City Pools

Custom Gunite Swimming Pools & Spas

Design & Construction



League City Pools is a premier design and construction firm for custom gunite pools and spas.


We offer complete design and construction services tailored to each individual client.


We build custom swimming pools that fit your lifestyle and budget.

We provide quality
construction with real 
on-site supervision
Our personalized service
before, during, and after
exceeds expectations


Step          Design


Your pool/spa process begins with an on-site visit to discuss exactly what you envision your dream pool to look like. The shape and size and location that best fits your yard will be dicussed as well as any additional features you may desire. From there a design will be created and a cost estimate provided

Step          Excavation


After the approval of the design and all permits are obtained, the excavation can begin.  Once excavated, the steel is shaped and tied together and installed in the pool.  Then the plumber can install the main drain, skimmers and other plumbing that needs to be completed before spraying the gunite.

Step          Gunite


Gunite is a mix of sand and cement that is sprayed thru hoses at high pressure. It is much stronger than standard concrete. It is a dry mixture that enables it to be sprayed on verticle surfaces as well as horizontal surfaces. This is how the pool takes its shape. All steps and benches and spas are done at this time.

Step          Coping and Tile


Coping is the material that borders the pool's top edge, like a picture frame. You have many choices from flagstone, to travertine, to pavers you can choose from. There are even more choices for the water line tile. This tile is installed around the pool just below the top rim of the coping

Step          Plumbing/Electric & Equipment


The equipment in now set in the location as discussed. Now both plumber and electrician are able to run all their lines to the pool equipment.

Step          Plaster


The pool interior is now coated with the client's choice of material. Anything from a Quartz finish to a pebble finish.  There are many colors to choose from. Once complete we can start the filling process.




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